Tatjana Warnecke

Tatjana Warnecke

Tatjana Warnecke took the hard and self-taught road to fashion design and now combines more than twenty years of valuable experience, timeless aesthetics and fresh ideas to devise the provocative high-quality products her fashion label stands for.
Having been in need for exceptional yet comfortable and enduring clothing for her own stage performances, Warnecke started designing her own outfits around 1990, which were so well received that in 1995 she began to sell them in a small boutique. A few years later, in 2000, Warnecke decided to give up her shop because it restricted her freedom and creativity. Instead she began the production of a large line of black clothing. It was never her intention for her designs to be regarded in a purely fetish context, but it happened that fetish boutiques were the first to be interested in her collection. When Warnecke moved to hedonistic Berlin in 2007, business really started picking up. And only recently her designs have been recognised by acknowledged fashion magazines. 

Her couture is sold in a number of assigned boutiques throughout Europe and in the USA

From the very beginning of the production of her black line Warnecke has been working with one single master tailor and his small crew only. They have developed a perfect mutual understanding and thus created a unique cooperation resulting in first-class products.

All items are fashioned from high-qualitative materials and handled with utmost craftsmanship. Warnecke's trade mark, her signature - the abundant use of ribbed glossy vinyl (a three-dimensional synthetic fabric) is known and valued all over the world. Meanwhile her designs are not only worn at fetish events, but seen in video clips, for cosplay and used on stage as well. 

Her first collection „Cosmic Couture“ toys with futuristic yet elegant sci-fi elements. It features extreme close-fitting cuts, which accentuate feminine and masculine forms and gives a choice of two different base materials: glossy and matt vinyl with a hight percentage of lycra as well as the occasional use of artificial fur.  It offers not only a multitude of clothing items but includes playful accessories
like masks, collars, gloves and tails as well.