IMIRAGEmagazine LAVISH issues: #1550⁠

Model: @claraheitkamp⁠
Photographer: @leonielomann⁠
Magazine: @imiragemagazine⁠

Luxary Bolera Jacket available via E shop, also in black fur⁠

IMIRAGEmagazine LAVISH issues: #1550⁠ Dezember 2022

Interview by BEDESEME staff with Inked Sephora on pages 24 up to 37 - photographer: TheBlackSheep

Mens skirt Long Ripp worn by Emily Åström on page 95

Interviwe by BEDESEME staff with Nathaly Blue on pages 132 up to 137 - photographer: TheBlackSheep

XXL Editorial on pages 175 up to 191
Japan Girls by TheBlackSheep Photography

Models: Mistress HibikiSakura Kurokawa, BonitaBonBon

Bedeseme Issue 58b 2018

Cover: Bedeseme Issue 58b

Photo: TheBlackSheep

Model: Nathaly Blue



26 pages Interview and lots of pictures of THEBLACKSHEEP

Bedeseme Issue 57 D 2017


Models: Louise L Amour, Marie Devilreux,Dutchh Dame, Candid Lavin , Vera, , Karla von heels, Mal Martine, Pat,

Location: Berlin, London, N.Y, Death Valley, Lisbon

Heavy Metal 2015

Photography: Kirsten Thys van den Audenaerde
Model: My Fragility
Make-up & hair: Fabian d’Imag

Goliath Photography

Photo: Jamari Lior

Model: Miss Overdose

Ophelia in Tux Cap and Bodice in matte basic material

Sin Two Issue 54

Photo: JMKPhoto

Model: Miss- Overdose

Gothik Beauty 2008 Issue 25

Photo: Roman Kasperski

Model: Drastique

Make Up/ Hair : Inka Klein

Heavy Metal 2015

Photography: Kirsten Thys van den Audenaerde
Model: My Fragility
Make-up & hair: Fabian d’Imag

Cover for Heavy Rubber Issue 35 2015

Photo: Mew Chiel

Model: Lara Aimee

Prestige magazine

Focus Online 2008

Gothesque magazine Issue 16

Clint Magazine 2011

Model: Lara Aimee     Photo: Mew Chiel

Fetish Factory - A Midnight Succubus Fetish Party April 2016

Model: Lara Aimee
Photographer: Mew Chiel

Picture for Torture Garden, London, July 2014

Model: Lara Aimee
Photographer: Mew Chiel
Rokoko wig: Jochen Kronier 
Event: Torture Garden

TheBlackSheep Collection 08/2014

Hair stylist: Elsa Brandao
Make-up: Sara Castro

Nina Hagen for her new promo

Gothic Beauty article

Some say she is ahead oft he curve, some simply suspect her to be from another world but I say, the designs from Tatjana Warnecke are just the top of the pops in our galaxy as well as in a far future and the today of the category of gothic and wave. Of course, Tatjana Warnecke has many fans, for example at the WGT or in the fetish scene, where her fashion has already been a popular must-have for a long time, but I'm sure that it won't take long until the typically ripped designs upgrade the red carpets. Not only does Tatjana create body-tight pieces for female figures – also masculine aps make a good impression in the futuristically inspired designs. A visit of the creative home of Tatjana's Cosmic Couture in Berlin Kreuzberg took me on a true time travel. When today's time seemed far far away, wild nights were celebrated just next to her atelier. This well-known club with the completely futuristic interior used to be my second home and is a mile stone of Berlin's disco culture. That the historic vibes of this old pilgrimage place influence the creative flows of the designer is just pure speculation, but a possible explanation for her brilliantly ripped wrappings. But is also her personal career, e.g. her classical ballet career, and problems with using latex made her experiment with new materials and complete the typical rubber material perfectly. Elegant corsets and corsages, combined with pencil skirts,  short hot pants or mini skirt will turn every woman into a dive. Everyone who is up for it can also wear the feeling of the movie classic "5th Element", combined with H.R. Giger "Alien" and make a clear statement for the intergalactic community.

Burlesque fashion article