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Pictures of designs

All designs are shown, but only in one material combination.
Basic Material in matte ( M ) , shiny ( L ) and Softshell ( S ) Rhinestone ( R ) some designs in artificial fur ( P ).
Second Material is always shiny Ribb. 



The basic Softshellmaterial consisting of 3 different layers. With soft and smooth material inside, furthermore draft-proof, water-repellant, breathable, abrasion-resistant and dirt-repellant. 


New Categories

Corsages DK: Corsages where you can attach other items at the shoulder (like Ophelia Corsage) .
Attach DK: items attachable: For Example,different arms ( Ophelia DK , Xenia DK) or Comtesse DK.
Example: The name Ophelia Corsage doesn´t exist any more, now its Corsor Extrem DK and Arm Ophelia DK. So its up to you how to combine or attach DK an add on for your Ophelia Corsage customers. 


Hat and Mask

You can sell Unisex.