COSMA20 Filter

FILTER for all COSMA20 masks. The filter is attached to the inside of the mask with a small Velcro point. The filter consists of four layers of non-woven fabric. The upper and inner layers have a hydrophobic water-repellent treatment. Between them there are two filter layers of non-woven fabric.How to clean: Machine washable: 60 – 95C. The fibre manufacturer does not recommend sulphur-based detergents , they reduce the effectiveness of the antibacterial component.. Do not put in the dryer. When to replace a filter ? The filter can be used repeatedly if there are no signs of mechanical damage (pilling, cracking, disintegration). In this case of damage, use a new filter. How to order: The filters can be ordered by specifying the design name / NR and size. For example CM20 - 8 in M in the field " special instruction". 100 % Polyester